Friday, September 30, 2011

Link Friday

Some of the interesting stuff I came across this week, all of which could potentially spur individual blog posts - but in most cases someone else has already done a great job of summarizing it.  
  • Culture Days is this weekend.  A lot of local museums, historic sites, and art institutions have free programming.   Check out what's going on in your area or follow the hashtag #CultureDays
  • Nuit Blanche is on in Toronto this upcoming Saturday. 
  • Library and Archives Canada announced this week that it has digitized the Canadian Gazette from 1841-1997. 
  • The Canadian Air & Space Museum is being faced with eviction from its historical building, and is slated to be replaced with a hockey rink.  Some of this year's MA Public History class at UWO blogged about this recently (The cost of history in the 21st century and Hockey vs. History).
  • Next Wednesday at 4pm is October's #builtheritage twitter chat.  This month's topic is community revitalization.

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