Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anne Linday's "Archives and Justice"

One of the presentations I found particularly intriguing at the Association of Canadian Archivists conference was Anne Lindsay's presentation on Willard Ireland.  Lindsay's presentation was a condensed version of an article she wrote for Archivaria.  "Archives and Justice: Willard Ireland's Contribution to the Changing Legal Framework of Aboriginal Rights in Canada, 1963-1973" by Lindsay was recently published in the Spring 2011  issue of Archivaria.
Lindsay's work focuses on the role of British Columbia's Provincial Archivist Willard Ireland in the legal cases Regina v. White and Bob and Calder v. The Attorney General of British Columbia.  This article uses Ireland's experience as a case example of the role archivists have in providing context to records and the impact which this context can have on present day interpretation of history.  Lindsay's work also provides a semi-biographical account of Ireland's professional work and an introduction to the history of land claims in BC.  "Archives and Justice" provides a good introduction to Ireland and the impact of archivists on the records they maintain.

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