Wednesday, August 10, 2011

French River Visitor's Centre

Despite having driven by the French River rest stop and Visitor's Centre on Hwy 69 dozens of time, I hadn't been inside the facility until this past week. I was thoroughly surprised by Centre's content -- it has more interactive displays than most small museum curators dream of --one of the benefits of Provincial funding I suppose.

The current exhibits showcase the history of the French River area, the natural heritage of the area, and the stories of First Nations, French, and English explorers who came to French River.  The displays highlight the unique architecture style of the building and features like the section of glass floor showcase the natural landscape of the area. 

In addition to the centre, the rest stop includes great walking trails that follow the French River.  There is also a walking bridge that crosses the river and provides and excellent view of the surrounding landscape.   The French River Provincial Park also includes 290 campsites, canoeing routes, and fishing areas.

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Anonymous said...

Stop to use outside restroom. O my it was very durty. Dose it not get cleaned anymore.