Friday, October 21, 2011

Rainy Day Linkspam

This week's interesting sites and activities relating (sometimes tangentially) to the heritage world:

  • The Occupy Wall Street archival project is collecting materials related to the protest, including materials include ephemera, signs, photos, videos, websites, and possibly oral history accounts.
  • The Supreme Court of Canada  ruled that hyperlinks are not considered libel. 
  • A great post, "From Pretoria to Winnipeg? The Potential for Transnational Histories of Reconciliation" by Laura Madokoro.  The post focuses on Reconciliation in South Africa and takes an interesting look at the development of Freedom Park in Pretoria.  
  •  Next week (October 24th - 30th) is Open Access Week.  Lots of libraries, higher education institutions, community groups, and scholarly associations have activities going on to raise awareness about open access initiatives. 

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