Monday, November 28, 2011

Living History: Holy Walk

Last week I attended the Bruce Mines "Holy Walk."  The idea behind the event is to tell a non-denominational version of the Christian Christmas story in an interactive way.   Participants are taken on a walk from Nazareth to Jerusalem and experience the sights and sounds of the era during the walk.

The Holy Walk has been going on for almost 20 years and is put together by local volunteers.  Over 150 volunteers take part in the three day performance of the event and work to make the Walk a unique experience. This year's event drew over 2,000 people and raised over $10,000. 

The Walk experience was like being in the middle of a living interactive history.  There were live animals, character actors, and period structures.  Following the Walk I began to consider the potential of using a Walk to depict other historical journeys and events.  Perhaps using a Walk to explore the settlement of early pioneers, the journey of Lewis and Clark, or wartime events.

Have you ever participated in a similar Walk?  

Photo Credit: Tom Keenan, Sault Star


Kayla said...

Wow! I've never heard of such a thing. Outdoor short plays yes, but not a walk like this. Where does it take place, all over a city or just at one location?

Jenny Thompson said...

When I was much younger the family that was renting our basement apartment invited us on a similar walk held at the St. Francis of Asisi church. Yours sounds like a much more fun experience, due to not being denominational. Although playing with the sheep along the walk made up for the literal translation of the Bible in the one I went to!

Krista McCracken said...

Kayla - The walk included some local streets and a park.

Jenny - I think the live animals were one of the best parts of the Walk experience to for me.