Thursday, June 7, 2012

Community Art: The Green Stairs Project

The Marymount stairs in Sudbury, Ontario on Ste. Anne's Road are home to a community art project.  The green stairs were once a safety concern for many local residents and many people did not feel safe using the stairs.  Foliage has been removed and lighting increased to make the area more visible. 

Additionally, in an attempt to make this a safe community space the stairs have been home to a community art project for the past three years.  The idea behind this rotating art exhibit is that the artwork has the potential to increase traffic in the area, which helps increase safety levels.

On the community level, organizers have encouraged local high school students to contribute works of art to the stairs.  Each spring art work created by students which comments on social issues is installed around the stairs.  A previously 'scary' space is now home to colourful artwork and a great sense of community.   It is great to see community members working together to reclaim urban landscapes that have been neglected in the past.

Here are some examples of the great artwork that has been installed around the stairs over the years:

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