Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Digital Map Making Roundup

I've recently come across a lot of great material focusing on digital map making, bottom-up cartography, and the linkage of digital maps to the physical world. A few of these great posts have been listed below:

Mapping our Learning Worlds by Lyndsay Grant on the DMLcentral blog
This post does an excellent job of highlight the usefulness of maps in education -- with an emphasis on what maps can teach us about the world.  The link to Jerry Brotton's A History of the World in Twelve Maps, is particularly interesting in it's focus on what maps can tell us about their creators (rather than the physical landscape).  Grant's post also dives into a discussion of digital senses of space and open source map creation. 
Spark interview with Andrew Turner focusing on bottom up and digital map making.  
This interview highlights the interactive possibilities of maps, the integration of maps into mobile devices, and the possibilities of place paced inter-connectivity and personalization.  Turner presents an interesting discussion of the authoritativeness of open source maps, contested map spaces, and potential future digital mapping developments. 
Digital maps as art: Google Street View inspires an art and architecture show
"The Skyliner's new exhibition will look at the streets and buildings and people of Greater Manchester via artistic interpretations of that modern phenomenon, Google Street View. "
Mapping Zombies, Visualizing data at the Oxford Internet Institute. 
So this last reference might not be the most scholarly map ever, but it has entertainment value.

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