Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sudbury's water towers

Sudbury is currently home to two iconic water towers, one on Pine street and the other on Pearl street. Both towers are in a state of disrepair and a debate over their restoration or demolition has been ongoing since 2008.

The Pine street tower was built in 1946 and was used for 50 years. The city's heritage committee recently determined the tower has moderate to low cultural heritage value. Despite this declaration of "low cultural heritage value", some locals are still displeased with the Sudbury's city council recent decision to tear down the water tower located on Pine street. Following this decision, there was some discussion of the water tower's site being turned into a park which would feature 'portions of the dismantled tower.'

The second water tower, located on Pearl street has a completely different fate. Media Mobile Advertising bought the property surrounding the Pearl tower last fall. Media Mobile Advertising has submitted a proposal to convert the water tower into a commercial facility. This conversion would be similar to the one undertaken in Lethbridge, Alberta. It will be interesting to see if this project comes into fruition.

Photo credit: Wiki commons

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GreenSudbury said...

The Pine Street Water Tower has been slated for demolition but the Pearl St. Sudbury Water Tower has been redesigned as Downtown Sudbury's most visible advertising space in 2011.

Refitted to hold 6 large advertising boards and a with a digital sign to follow the funds will be reinvested into completing the Tower redevelopment through an international design competition. Follow the progress at