Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toronto's Flatiron Building

This past Sunday, CTV Toronto's evening newscast featured a segment on Toronto's Gooderham Building. The building is more commonly known as the Flatiron Building and is one of Toronto's prominent landmarks. The segment focused on the heritage aspect of the Flatiron, including details of the building being built in the 1890s, the historic manual elevator which still functions today, and the building's architectural highlights.

The Flatiron building in Toronto was the first Flatiron building to be built in North America. New York City's Flatiron often gets credit for being the first of it's kind, however the one in Toronto was build ten years prior. The building was originally commissioned by the Gooderham family for office space. In 1998, the building was bought by the Tippins and is currently used as office and commercial space.

In upcoming weeks, CTV Toronto plans to focus on more heritage buildings in Toronto during their Sunday broadcast. I look forward to tuning in to see which buildings they deem worthy of mentioning. Despite searching I haven't been able to find the segment from Sunday online.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons


Kayla said...

I'm sad I missed it and that it isn't posted on the web... That building is amazing. I went on a tour of it during Doors Open last year.

Unknown said...

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