Thursday, December 18, 2014

Archival Community

During the month of December I am participating in #reverb14 as a means of getting my writing habits back on track. I will be altering the prompts as needed to fit within the scope of this blog. Prompt: Ah ha moment: Did you have an “ah ha” moment this year? Was it a big one? Or just a small enlightenment?

I changed roles in late 2013 to move from an archives technician position to a researcher/curator role.  I have enjoyed the new challenges that the researcher/curator job brought and the new relationships I was able to build with local and national art communities.  However, this year I realized that though I enjoy project management and working on community inspired art projects I was missing the time I had previously spent immersed in archives. 

This ah ha moment inspired me to reconnect with the archival world.  Presenting at this year's Archives Association of Ontario conference, participating in SNAP Roundtable twitter chats, and reconnecting with archival literature helped return me to the archival sphere. Living in a very small city that does not have a wealth of heritage professionals has made me more aware of the need to build supportive professional networks and communities.  Many of the people I consider colleagues and who I turn to for advice live miles away and work in a range of different public history and archival settings.  

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