Wednesday, December 17, 2014


During the month of December I am participating in #reverb14 as a means of getting my writing habits back on track. I will be altering the prompts as needed to fit within the scope of this blog. Today's prompt: One word. What one word could describe your 2014?

Transformative. I learned a lot this past year and made a number of significant life changes. This year has been the year of new experiences, new skills, and learning moments. Some of the most transformative moments include:
  • Participating in Walking With Our Sisters Sault Ste Marie
  • Beginning to learn to play the hammered dulcimer and learning more about traditional music
  • Reevaluating my historical tour skills and taking new approaches to teaching others about residential schools
  • Acting as a thesis supervisor
  • Becoming a parent
A year of change both professionally and personally.

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